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Аватар Александрова


Категория:  Наука  | Автор:  Александрова | Опубликовано: 25.03.2017

Architecture is one of the ancient specialty, which been through almost all of the events in a world`s life. This work exists completely in all countries as a civilization a not. People can`t imagine this world without great creation of architecture.  Knowledge and skills as terms have been postponed from different countries, eras and civilizations. One of the terms underwent changes, other remained the same for usability and another changed beyond recognition.

Architect origins from Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, Byzantium. Every civilization brought a significant contribution in terms.  All of this formed through different cultures, intellection and approach to new ideas, because of this we have to modify the word, and sometimes alter their meaning.

I would like to highlight some of the words , which have a long history and unusual origin.

At first, alabaster. This word origins from Egypt of the Middle Kingdom period. [1] According to the beliefs of Egyptians, the goddess Bastet was homemaker. Many of the vessels were the necessary part of evereday life, which are made of special materials. Because of this Egyptians often used the collocation 'а la baste – Bastet`s vessel. [2] Later this phrase came to Greek, the word was changed to ἀλάβαστρος – jar of ointment of alabaster. [3]  After Latin used this word with the same meaning like Greek, but mode was alabastrum. And finally, a modern variant of this was taken from German Alabaster.

Secondly, avant-garde. The word given to us by Peter I from military affairs. The great emperor brought term from his great campaign. He took it from the French avant-garde, what meant «the vanguard». [4]On some linguists’ opinion, this word came to French from Polish awangwardja, awangarda. Despite the change of the language, the meaning remains the same. In modern art this term avant-garde began to use since XIX century, when Theodor Duret suffered the term avant-garde from politic to art criticism.[5] First, this word came from the French revolution like metaphor, but people didn`t pay attention to the locution during the century. Now this term is used in the sense of innovative art.

Thirdly, marble. This word has a lot of variants of origin. In old Russian was locution Moromornoɪe refuge – harbor near Ephesus, antique town with many marble statues, monuments. [6] Marble come from Greek μάρμαρος - stone, boulder + suffix –or.[7] This word passed into Latin marmor. Also have the interpretation in Bulgarian- мра́мор , Serbo-Croatian - мра̏мо̑р, Slovenian - mrámor, Czech - mramor. [8] As this material is one of the oldest and durable, that’s why famous artisan liked to use it so much.

Fourthly, erker. The word have controversial origin: or old French – arquier, which translates as a defender, archer. There is also a view that the word erker was taken from a German dictionary - erker.[9] In this case the word meant latern or like «a projection on the wall». [10] In modern architecture the meaning of this word remaines approximately the value: overhung on the front portion of the building space plane, which allows people to increase the space of the room.

In the fifth, cornice. The source is Latin corōnis – «twirl» or Greek κορωνίς -  folded. [11]  Initially, this word was the subject of characterization, not the object itself. Later it passed to Italian in form cornice (directly from the Corniche).[12] Cornice gained the importance as noun in German Karnies. Peter I bought «corniche» from German to Russian in an ancient meaning. Since XIX century the word evolved a kind familiar to the cornice. [13]

Architecture lives together with the society, went all the way of mankind and that is why it combines so many different stories. This specialty tests so many events and changes, thereby the history is very interesting, fascinating, exciting and people can finf different styles, buildings, stories, terms that will appeal to even the most demanding viewers. Through time thanks to the borrowing terms it carries the spirit of the time, they characterize the era as a whole, giving us a picture of logic, thinking and capabilities of different periods.

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